Velocity Jets: The Only Choice for Fort Lauderdale Luxury Real Estate Owners

velocityjets1To many, owning luxury Fort Lauderdale real estate is comparable to having a home in paradise. While paradise might be wonderful; most people have the need to experience new places, cultures people. With access to over fifty-five hundred aircrafts, Velocity Jets has the perfect one for any type of trip. By chartering a private jet for vacations, the holiday experience is brought to a much higher level. Each charter experience is specifically designed for the particular client. It's all about personalized service and meeting or exceeding the client's expectations. Velocity Jets is the only choice for those seeking high end, discrete air transportation in the Fort Lauderdale area.


Travel Anywhere with Velocity Jets

velocityjets2Commercial airlines have the ability to take their passengers to nearly any destination in the world. Most companies that offer private charters have a very limited scope of destinations. People with luxury properties in Fort Lauderdale don't want a limited number of travel options for their vacations. With more than five thousand airport possibilities throughout the world, Velocity Jets offers great destination selections for the elite traveler. Owners of luxury Fort Lauderdale real estate shouldn't have to settle for the mundane. Velocity Jets is the premier private charter company in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Comfortable Corporate Charters

velocityjets3Those who typically fly on standard airlines in business class are always pleasantly surprised the first time they fly on a high end private charter. The two experiences are in no way, shape or form alike. It's a known fact that Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate owners hate waiting in lines and airports can have some really long lines! Private, corporate charters don't have lines and they're conductive for getting work done in the air. There aren't screaming babies or whining kids either, so the flights are generally quiet and peaceful. Of course, catering is also available, even for the most finicky food connoisseur. Velocity Jets cater to those in corporate America as well as those who own luxury real estate in Fort Lauderdale.

Locating Luxury Properties in Fort Lauderdale

velocityjets4When looking to purchase Fort Lauderdale luxury Real Estate, the typical, run of the mill agent won't do. Not to take anything away from them but they lack knowledge and skill when it comes to luxury properties in Fort Lauderdale. There is a huge difference between negotiations for a two hundred thousand dollar home and multi-million dollar pieces of luxury real estate in Fort Lauderdale. Having the right realtor can make the buying or selling experience relatively painless. Call 954-816-7070 to find a dream home or to sell your luxury Fort Lauderdale real estate. Shai Mashiach is the premier realtor for luxury properties in Fort Lauderdale.

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