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florida cigar1The Florida Cigar Company is one of the most amazing places in all of South Florida. With the largest selection in Broward County, the Florida Cigar Company boasts a wide array of cigars from around the world. Because it's a cigar bar, it's one of the few places in the state where cigar smokers can light up indoors. With the push for Florida to become a smoke-free state, the Florida Cigar Company is adamant about cigar smokers having a comfortable venue to enjoy them. Many Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate owners like having a comfortable and mellow establishment in which to relax with a drink and a good cigar. The Florida Cigar Company is that perfect spot. Shai Mashiach of Luxury Fort Lauderdale reports that a lot of clients who purchased luxury properties in Fort Lauderdale find the Florida Cigar Company to be the only place to enjoy "hard to find" cigars with a top shelf libation.


Cigars from around the World

True cigar smokers always have a "go to" brand of cigar that they will fall back on when nothing else tastes right however; they almost always love trying new ones, too. The Florida Cigar Company has more wonderful cigars than one can imagine. In fact, if a smoker tried a new brand of cigar everyday, it would take him years to sample each one on hand. By that time, the Florida Cigar Company will have added many more brands and styles to their inventory. People who own luxury Fort Lauderdale properties consider the Florida Cigar Company the "go to" spot for the best cigars in town.

Top Shelf Libations and Cigars

florida cigar2In the words of the great comedian, George Burns "Happiness is a Martini and a real good cigar". That is certainly the case for many Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate owners. They needn't stick with martinis at the Florida Cigar Company. They offer loads of top shelf liquors so even the finickiest person will have the libation of their choice. The overstuffed leather seating is a comfortable place to relax, light up a great cigar and enjoy a drink that compliments your smoke of choice. Hundreds of luxury Fort Lauderdale real estate owners can't be wrong. The Florida Cigar Company is a relaxing place to be.

Luxury Fort Lauderdale Real Estate Market

Those seeking to purchase luxury Fort Lauderdale real estate should know that it is definitely a wise investment choice. The city is a place many people flock to on vacation but it's also the spot many people want to retire in too. Fort Lauderdale luxury properties will always be desirable. Shai Mashiach, of Luxury Fort Lauderdale is the real estate guru for Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate. Call 954-816-7070 to find your perfect, luxurious home in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

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