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Fort Lauderdale Luxury Properties Recommends Daoud's Fine Jewelry

Daoud1 2If there's anything that people who own luxury Fort Lauderdale properties know, it's fine jewelry. Sure, there are quite a few jewelry stores in South Florida however; the quality of the gems and other offerings can't match those of Daoud's Fine Jewelry. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the difference between a subpar piece of jewelry and a high quality work of art. Those who own luxury Fort Lauderdale real estate expect to find the stunning jewelry they desire close to home. Daoud's Fine Jewelry has been synonymous with distinctive jewelry, flawless diamonds, rare gems and antique pieces since 1895. It's been the premiere jewelry store in Fort Lauderdale for over eighty years!

Setting the Standard for Diamonds

Daoud2 2The quality of a diamond is determined in four ways, by cut, color, clarity and carat. The cut of the diamond is of the utmost importance as it determines how brilliant and radiant the stone will be. Diamonds have a color scale that ranges from D, meaning it is colorless to Z, meaning it has a heavy hue. The stone graded with D is much more valuable than one graded E through Z. Diamonds that don't rank on the scale are called Fancy Diamonds and are graded in a different manner. Clarity is the measure of inclusions in the stone. The fewer inclusions, the higher the clarity grade will be. The weight and size of the diamond determines the carat. Of course, larger stones are more valuable than smaller ones. Shai Mashiach of Luxury Fort Lauderdale always recommends Daoud's Fine Jewelry to his clients purchasing luxury Fort Lauderdale real estate.

Vast Selection of Stunning Jewelry

Daoud3 2Daoud's Fine Jewelry has the largest selection of high quality jewelry in the area. Jewelry is the perfect gift for every occasion or no occasion at all. It's a great way to simply show someone that they're appreciated in a spontaneous way. The variety of rings, bracelets, watches, pendants and the like offers customers loads of options for finding the right piece of jewelry. Naturally, Daoud's Fine Jewelry also offers custom made pieces created to your specifics. Many Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate owners love to shop at Daoud's Fine Jewelry and Shai Mashiach of Luxury Fort Lauderdale considers it to be a staple in the community.

Buying and Selling Luxury Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale

The right realtor is of the utmost importance when it comes to buying and selling luxury real estate in Fort Lauderdale. A broker with experience dealing with multi-million dollar luxury Fort Lauderdale properties is essential to negotiating a solid contract and getting you in or out of the home. Call 954-816-7070 to buy or sell Fort Lauderdale luxury real estate.

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